PDS Series Photoresist Dispensing System

PDS Series Photoresist Dispensing System



Max. Discharge Capacity to 5 ml/shot

Repeatable accuracy

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  • Superior resist handling - The use of high-torque, stepper motor technology results in a consistent controllable discharge volume. The discharge volume is not affected by changes in viscosity or by filter performance.

  • Repeatable accuracy of 0.3% of the discharge volume is maintained at all times.
    • Repeated precision: ±0.3% (F.S.)
    • Linearity: ±0.5% (F.S.)
    • Resolution: 0.01 ml or below

  • High Purity - The pump end utilizes a tubephragm design eliminating dead volume and low velocity areas where resist can stagnate. This prevents the collection of particles and allows the pumps to maintain the highest purity possible.

  • Flexibility in Applications - The discharge velocity as well as volume are easily adjusted to expand the capabilities to many resist-coating processes, including the application of small amounts of resist in a short period of time.
Max discharge capacity
5 mL/shot
Max discharge pressure
0.15 MPa
Discharge speed
0.1 to 4.0 mL/sec
Suction speed
0.1 to 3.0 mL/sec
Liquid temperature range
15 to 25°C
Power supply
DC 24V
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