IX Series - Metering pumps



Max. Discharge Capacity :up to 39.6 GPH

A new generation of advanced metering pump technology!

IX Series Metering Pumps






Iwaki's IX Series are digitally controlled direct-drive diaphragm pumps. Years of experience in high-end motor technology result in extremely accurate and energy efficient metering pumps with high resolution. The IX Series meet today's demand for automated chemical delivery in industries from water treatment to chemical process. Highly precise control offers a solution for a variety of dosing applications.

Instruction Manual

  • High Turndown Ratio: Motor control adjusts the discharge and suction speeds to meet a full and accurate turndown ratio of 750:1 (150 L/h to 200 mL/h)

  • High Accuracy: Combined with precise motor control, an efficient valve design maintains accurate flow rates allowing a low cost, mechanically-driven diaphragm pump to achieve a high accuracy of ±1%.

  • Energy Savings: Helical gears and return springs reduce power consumption by up to 70% compared to conventional motor-driven mechanical diaphragm metering pumps.

  • .High Compression Pump Head Design: A fixed stroke length maintains a high compression ratio in each stroke resulting in fast priming and no air-lock at any flow rate.

  • Flexible, User-friendly Interface: The controller position can be ordered in 6 positions for operator convenience and ease of use after installation.
Model Max Capacity GPH (LPH) Max Pressure PSI (MPa) Average Power Consumption Current Amps Connection Size Weight
0.02 - 15.6
(0.08 - 60)
145 (1.0) 62W 0.8A 1/2" NPT 19.9 (9.0)
26.4 (12.0)
0.05 - 39.6
(0.2 - 150)
58 (0.4) 3/4" NPT 19.9 (9.0)
28.6 (13.0)