FW-H Series

FW-H Series - Pneumatic Drive Bellows Pump



Max. Discharge Capacity: 6.5 to 22.7 GPM

FW-H Pneumatic Drive Bellows Pump

Robust bellows design, high pressure performance and long service life

Whether your application requires high pressure or high temperature, the FW-H universal temperature pump will meet your needs!  High purity and exceptional performance are central to the design mission of these pumps - in fact, the pumps are manufactured in a class 10,000 clean room environment. 


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  FW-20 Curve FW-20
  FW-40 Curve FW-40
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  FW-20 Spec FW-20
  FW-40 Spec FW-40
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  • Temperature range of 10-180°C accomodates almost any application.Internal bellows design allows for higher pressure ratings by eliminating the failure points of traditional flat diaphragms and extending the pump's service life.

  • Innovative clamp design allows for field repair, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

  • Accurate, predictable flow rate is provided by "smart sensors" that control air via proximity sensors: no separate flow meter is necessary.

  • Reliable leak detection feature provides for "lights out" operation without fear of contaminating wet bench chemistry.
  FW-20HT FW-40HT
Max Discharge Capacity 6.5 GPM (25 LPM) 12.9 GPM (50 LPM)
Max Stroke speed 120 SPM 80 SPM
Liquid temperature range 50-212°F
(10- 100°C)
(10- 100°C)
Max air supply pressure

71-43 PSI

43-28 PSI 28-21 PSI 71-43 PSI 43-28 PSI
28-21 PSI
Pump connection size PFA 3/4" (19mm) tubing PFA 1" (25.4mm) tubing
Supply air connection size PT 1/4" (6.35 mm) PT 3/8" (9.5 mm)