FA Series - Pneumatic Drive Bellows Pump

FA Series - Pneumatic Drive Bellows Pump



Max. Discharge Capacity: up to 10.6 GPM

FA Series Pneumatic Drive Bellows Pump

Two models for circulating medium temperature liquid

The right pump for the right job. The FA Series bellows pump addresses low flow and high flow requirements at low to medium temperatures (5 to 100°C). The FA-2E pump is for precise chemical delivery for flow rates up to 0.5 gpm (2 L/min).


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  • There are two standardized models; the FA-2E, a lateral type for a low flow rate, and the FA-40VEW, a vertical type for a high flow rate. The FA-2E employs a spray system for single wafer processing while the FA-40VEW is suitable for cleaning 200/300 mm wafers.

  • All liquid ends are constructed of fluoropolymers for purity and corrosion resistance.

  • The PTFE bellows are rugged and proven to withstand long term continuous operation and high pressure resistance better than any other pump.H-shaped thick bellows are used (Only FA-40VEW).

  • They have excellent resistance to high pressure and a long life to withstand continuous long-time operation. When connected to a special controller, the discharge can be controlled and monitored easily.

  • The FA-40 pump is excellent for applications requiring high volume flow, such as large wafer processing, delivering up to 11.6 gpm (50 L/min). The FA-40 is constructed vertically to optimize precious cabinet space.Leak detection and drive sensing enhance the reliability and safety of these pneumatic pumps.
  FA-2E FA-40VEW
Max Discharge Capacity 0.5 GPM (2 LPM) 10.6 GPM (20 LPM)
Max Stroke speed 150 SPM 80 SPM
Liquid temperature range 41-212°F (5-100°C) 68-212°F (20-100°C)
Max air supply pressure 57 PSI (4 kg/cm2) 57 PSI (4 kg/cm2)
Max air consumption 13.2 CFM (50 NL/min) 7.1 CFM (200 NL/min)
Pump connection size PFA 3/8" (12 mm) PFA 1" (25.4 mm)
Supply air connection size* PT 1/4" (6.35 mm) PT 3/8" (9.5 mm)

* NPT conversion fittings are available