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  Iwaki America Announces 2018 Trade Show Schedule:

MD&M West – Anaheim CA – February 6-8
Pittcon – Orlando, FL – February 26 – March 1
MD&M East – New York, NY – June 12-14
AACC – Chicago, IL – July 29 – August 2
WEFTEC – New Orleans, LA – October 1-3


October 2015

Iwaki America is proud to announce the introduction of the Iwaki Air portfolio of Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps

Iwaki Air

Iwaki America, already well known for its industry-leading magnetic drive chemical process pumps, metering pumps and control products, will now offer the Iwaki Air AODD pump products to the North, Central and South America regions.
Iwaki Air will offer a complete line of AODD pumps to handle the most challenging and difficult fluid transfer applications. Applications include sumping, filling, transferring, batching and dispensing within the chemical, mining, ceramics, paints and coatings, industrial wastewater treatment, printing, pulp & paper and marine industries. Iwaki Air AODD pumps will be available in multiple corrosion resistant materials to meet our customer’s vigorous requirements to solve a wide range of application demands available in sizes from ¼” to 2” (3” to be released in 4Q15). Incorporated in the design of these pumps is the innovative, patent pending Looped-C™ air motor spool valve which greatly improves on/off switching reliability, operational efficiency and air valve component life. This design is exclusive to Iwaki Air.

In addition to the investment in these new products, we are happy to announce that Mark Johnson, a pump industry veteran, has recently come on board as Business Development Manager for the IWAKI Air products and will be working with the Iwaki Sales and Marketing team to identify new channels, markets and opportunities.

September 2014
Iwaki product Offerings to Include Metal Magnetic Drive Pumps in Latin America

Sanwa Pumps

John Miersma, President and CEO of Iwaki America Incorporated announced today that Iwaki America Incorporated has added the Sanwa Hydrotech line of metal magnetic drive pumps to its product line in Latin America. According to Mr. Miersma, “We are truly excited to have this opportunity to offer Sanwa’s innovative and high quality pumps in our Latin America markets as a complement to our highly reliable Iwaki non-metallic magnetic drive process pumps. Increasingly, engineering firms and end users will come to recognize Iwaki as their one-stop, value-adding provider of challenging chemical handling solutions.” Mitsugi Inoue, Executive Director of Sanwa Hydrotech Corporation added, “Sanwa has enjoyed a long and successful history with Iwaki in Japan and we look forward to expanding this business relationship with Iwaki America in the growing Latin American markets where our proven product advantages will have an immediate impact.” The Sanwa pumps are available immediately through all of Iwaki’s distributors located in all major Latin American markets.

September 2014
Iwaki product offerings to include Laing DDC 12VDC Pumps

DDC PumpIwaki America is pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Xylem Inc. to distribute their DDC Series 12VDC Circulation Pumps to OEM’s in the Medical Equipment, Patient Temperature Cooling, Laser Cooling, and other Thermal Management markets. The DDC product is a perfect complement to Iwaki’s popular RD and MD Series pumps that are available in 24VDC and AC configurations. The Laing DDC is an electronically commutated spherical motor pump similar in design to the RD Series, with an expected service life up to 50,000 hours. Please contact us for additional information and samples for testing. You can also see our complete Iwaki OEM Product line including the DDC Series pumps on our OEM Website at

August 2014
Ryan Diaz joins Iwaki America

Ryan DiazIwaki America is pleased to announce that Ryan Diaz has accepted the position of Sales Engineer for Iwaki America effective July 10, 2014. Ryan will be responsible for increasing Iwaki Pump sales, primarily in the western United States, from his office in southern California. Ryan brings over 5 years’ experience and a proven track-record of success in fluid handing sales, which will be invaluable in meeting Iwaki America’s sales goals and objectives. We are confident that Ryan will be an excellent match for this position and a strong asset to the Iwaki America team.



July 2014
Hydraulic Institute and Iwaki America enter Mutual Training Partner Agreement

Hydraulic InstitutePump Systems Matter

Parsippany, NJ, July 21, 2014 – The Hydraulic Institute (HI) has entered a Training Partner Agreement with Iwaki America Incorporated, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of metering pumps, chemical delivery pumps, sealless, recirculation pumps and non-metallic magnetic drive centrifugal pumps and systems, that allows both organizations to leverage high quality, co-branded educational and training programs designed for pump end-users, distributors and engineering consulting firms. As a part of this Training Partnership, both companies will sponsor technical webinars and e-learning courses focused on a variety of pump topics as well as host the growing Pump Systems Optimization course to the broad pump end-user marketplace. Read complete press release here.

January 2014
José Antonio Bonafim joins Iwaki America

Jose BonafimWe are pleased to announce that effective January 2, 2014; Eng. José Antonio Bonafim will be joining Iwaki America as Territory Sales Manager to support our growing operations in Brazil. José will be responsible for market development, Sales, customer support and managing of our distributors’s network for Iwaki centrifugal magdrive pumps & OEM and Walchem controllers & metering pumps within the territory concerned. José, who has worked in the last five years as a Regional Salesman and Application Engineer in Friatec do Brasil, brings to us with an extensive experience in Industrial pumps & systems for further commercial development of our products on the market. José will report directly to Guillermo Ashby, who will continue serving as Latin America, Sales Manager. José is married and lives in Franca city in Sao Paulo State.

April 2013
Ken Bando retires after 45 years with Iwaki America

Ken brought together people and capital from the U.S and Japan, forged bonds of trust and supported the growth of Iwaki America business from its start-up to today's business which ships tens of millions of dollars of pumps and related products all around the world each year.

According to John Miersma, President and CEO, "Ken held Iwaki America's business together through good times and challenging times with his always-positive, engaging style. He is a master salesman, a wise mentor, a tireless and reliable advocate and my friend."

Our best wishes to Ken for a long and enjoyable retirement.

January 2013
Iwaki America Factory Expansion

Holliston Massachusetts based Iwaki America Incorporated is expanding its corporate headquarters at 5 Boynton Road in Holliston, Massachusetts by nearly 25%, taking space that had been occupied through 2012 by Terracon Corporation, a related business spun off from Iwaki America in 2008. Terracon Corporation relocated to nearby Franklin, Massachusetts. According to John Miersma, Iwaki America's President and CEO," Both companies are experiencing consistent year-to-year growth in sales and employment and require more space to accommodate both current activities and planned expansion. "

Iwaki America's operations include the design, manufacture and worldwide distribution of its Walchem line of water treatment controllers and related products along with the modification and assembly of Iwaki pumps and distribution of these pumps in the Americas. Miersma adds "Iwaki America has driven organic growth with significant investments in new product and new market development coupled with a long-term commitment to leading edge technology, high quality, reliable products and superior customer service. Iwaki America's proven ability to integrate its technologies and products in innovative ways that solve customers' unique application needs and add value to their processes has made Iwaki America the go-to partner for the worlds' largest water treatment and industrial companies."

November 2012
'Sealless Centrifugal Pumps' by Tom Marcone
(published on and in printed magazine)

Sealless Centrifugal Pumps Sealless pumps have an advantage over AODD pumps in clean chemical applications. While air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps are widely accepted and used in many applications, their use on clean chemical transfer can be argued as inefficient. The word clean is emphasized in this article. AODD pumps are monsters at pumping liquids that include viscous and dirty fluids. Clean chemical is defined as having particles under 50 microns in size and less than 5 percent by volume.

Most chemicals delivered by rail, truck or tote fit into this category. Many facilities that use AODD pumps on dirty or viscous processes will also use this technology on clean processes. The availability and familiarity of AODD pumps make them an easy choice for almost any application. Unfortunately, what is sometimes overlooked is the cost associated with running an AODD pump in an application in which a sealless centrifugal pump could be used. AODD pumps have three detriments—maintenance, pulsation and air consumption.

AODD pumps require preventive maintenance on their diaphragms and other wear parts. The wear items need to be replaced before a stated number of strokes occur. To replace the wear parts, the pump must be removed from the system. This may lead to downtime if a spare pump is not on hand, although having a spare pump on hand is an added cost. Once the pump is removed, a cost is associated with the replacement parts and the labor to rebuild the unit. Once rebuilt, the pump will require additional labor to be reinstalled. Pump rebuilding is not a one-time process. It must be rebuilt every time it approaches the defined maximum stroke limit.

AODD pumps are positive displacement pumps. Because of this, pulsation occurs when the diaphragm reciprocates. This pulsation causes pipe stress and vibration that must be monitored. Although pulsation dampeners can be installed to help alleviate the surges, this adds an expense.

Air Consumption
AODD pumps consume air, not electricity. The cost to generate and maintain air is increasing. Plant air is not free, and air compressors are expensive. They need to be maintained and can easily be maximized by other processes in the plant. Air compressors are also inefficient. Added to this inefficiency is the fact that air lines from the compressor to the pump can leak. The AODD pump also adds inefficiency to the process. Combine these factors, and the AODD pump can be one of the most expensive pumps to operate in a plant. Compared to an electrically powered pump, an AODD pump can cost as much as 75 percent more to operate on similar services.

May 2012
Introducing the IX Series Advanced Metering Pumps

The IX Series are direct-drive, digitally controlled metering pumps combining both accuracy and flexibility into an energy efficient design.  Precise control is maintained over a wide output range, enabling one pump to satisfy a broad range of application flow rate requirements.  The IX Series meets today’s demands for automated chemical delivery in industries from wastewater treatment to chemical process.

The newest size expands the IX Series to a maximum capacity of 40 GPH (150 l/h) and a pressure rating up to 150 PSI (10 bar).  A turndown ratio of 750:1 enables only two models to satisfy most chemical metering applications. The advanced head design and fixed stroke length maintain a high compression ratio throughout each stroke, resulting in fast priming and no gas-lock conditions. Precise motor control coupled with an efficient check valve design creates accurate performance of +/-1% over the entire output range.  Average power consumption is only 62 watts!  Helical gears and return springs reduce power consumption by up to 70% compared to conventional motor-driven mechanical metering pumps.  The IX drive requires no oil bath or additional lubrication.  In fact, the drive is maintenance free over the life of the pump.

April 2012
MXM series offers compact efficient solution for chemical pump applications.

Iwaki America Inc., Holliston, MA, announces the introduction of their new MXM series of magnetically driven, ductile cast iron lined, dry run pump designs. Incorporating their proven self-radiating bearing design and dry run rated non-contact system, this rugged compact process pump series provides proven technology for tough chemical handling applications.

The MXM series includes motor sizes from 2 HP to 5 HP, flows to 165 GPM and heads to 146 Ft. Back pull out design allows for ease of maintence. Modular construction with individually replaceable parts maximizes support flexibility. Uses standard NEMA c-face motors for versatility in installation options. MXM designs utilize a robust internal design ensuring maximum reliability under adverse operating conditions. Non-contact bearing system provides for dry run operation without damage to the pump. Self-radiating bearing system effectively transfers frictional heat from the bearing area to prevent damage during upset operating conditions. The MXM is another example of Iwaki's commitment to the continuous development of improved chemical pump technology with emphasis on quality, efficiency and performance. Think twice. Spec Once. These pumps are perfect for tank farm transfer, bulk chemical distribution, chemical filtration and circulation, general process pump service