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Magnetic Drive Pumps
High Purity Pumps High Purity Pumps
Metering Pumps Metering Pumps
Bellows Pumps Bellows Pumps
Chemical Process Pumps Chemical Process Pumps
Self-Priming Pumps Self-Priming Pumps

We offer a diverse lineup of products unmatched by any other manufacturer. This allows us to accurately meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our breadth of products allows us to integrate our pump and controller products while utilizing our experience to custom tailor systems to meet the demands of our customers in a wide range of markets and applications.  
Chemical Manufacturing
Chemical Toting and Packaging

Manufacturing of raw chemicals
Bulk Production of ChemicalsBulk production of chemicals

  Putting bulk chemical into smaller totes
and barrels
Chemical Blending
Water Treatment
Blending a mixture of chemicals into a
final product
  Transfer of bulk chemicals from tankers to
storage and from storage to day tanks.
ARRA Certified
Metal Fiinishing
Zinc,Copper,Brass,Nickel,Chrome,Gold   Metal Finishing ApplicationVarious Acids/bases/cleaners
CyanideCyanides (sodium & potassium)
TrichloroethyleneTrichloroethylene (TCE)
Methyl Ethyl KetoneMethyl Ethyl Ketone
Metal Pickling
Metal PicklingAddition and transfer of chemicals used to pickle and galvanize steel.
Metal PicklingHCL, HF & H2SO4

Sodium CyanideSodium Cyanide
Sulfuric AcidSulfuric Acid
ANFO ANFO (ammonium nitrite and fuel oil)
Petroleum Distillate Petroleum Distillate
 Various surfactants Various surfactants

Sulfuric and CausticSulfuric and Caustic addition during the
starch conversion phase of processing
  Sulphuric AcidSulphuric Acid – for pH adjustment of seawater
Ferric ChlorideFerric Chloride - coagulant for seawater filters
Fluorosilicic AcidFluorosilicic Acid – for fluoridation of the product water
ChlorineChlorine - for chlorination of product water
Paper Mill
Ethanol - Bulk Metering
Paper MillTransfer and addition of bleach to paper
whitening process.
Amines and CausticAmines and Caustic
  Ethanol- Bulk Metering3-10 gpm of acid or caustic during liquefication
Chlorination Plants
Transfer of ChemicalsTransfer of chemicals in chlorine plants
Brine, Sodium HypochloriteBrine, Sodium Hypochlorite & Caustic
  Spent Caustic with Coke fines
RefineriesSour water with hydrocarbons
RefineriesRich amines
RefineriesEvery common acid
Fume Scrubbers
Fume ScrubbersSoluble chemicals, fumes and odors.   >High Purity PFAHigh Purity PFA Material
MEK, Methanol, PeroxideMEK, Methanol, Peroxide
Various AcidsVarious Acids
Bio-Diesel Generators
Sodium Hypochlorite Generators

Sulfuric  AcidSulfuric Acid
Hydrochloric  AcidHydrochloric Acid
Isopropyl  AlcoholIsopropyl Alcohol

  Sodium Hypochlorite generatorsOnsite generation of sodium hypochlorite
Kidney Dialysis
Precision Cleaning Systems
Kidney DialysisPumping of dialysate solutions   Precision Cleaning SystemsMegasonic / Ultrasonic
Precision Cleaning SystemsMultiple Chemical mixtures
ChillerChiller, Chemical Transfer, Precision Cleaning
Medical LaserMedical - Laser, Thermal Management, Cleaning, Waste
Marine, AquariumMarine, Aquarium
X-rayX-Ray / CRT Cooling
Fuel CellFuel Cell
MarineMarine & RV Heating/Cooling